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Updated: Jul 23, 2021

Some argue 2015 was the inaugural year because it was the first year points mattered and champions were declared. However, there is an asterisk where the championship is concerned...

The first annual Short Games saw a test of skills and a range of games that are no longer in the games today. Games were selected and a scoring system was established.

A note on the championship...

The official winning team of the year was Jake Short and Jack Ryan. However, it will always be criticized as the only year two men were allowed to play together. Will and Jodi were second. Technically the champions of the boy/girl teams.

Games Played That Are No Longer in the Competition

Home Run Derby

Golf Swing

Football Toss


Chris Short and Catherine Short

Bobbie Short and Samantha Short

Will and Jodi Short

Mack Short and Partner

Taylor Short and Morgan Short

Sydnie Short and Zach Spychalla

Jake Short and Jack Ryan

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