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A Short Family Tradition

For nearly a decade, the Short's have been gathering for a full day of tough competition, camaraderie, and family fun. The Short Games occur every July and include yard games, challenges, relays, minute-to-win-its, and more. The tradition began in 2014 and has expanded ever since. 


Rachel Short

The Short Games are basically beer olympics on the heaviest of steroids between the most competitive family in the nation.


Sydnie Froyd

The Short Games are a12-16 hour marathon of yard games and drinking and it is such an important family day that it is in the calendar like Christmas.


Catherine Burkhardt

1 winner. 15 losers. A horn of beer. Sweat, blood, and chafing for one year long of glory. The Olympics keeps world peace. Short games keeps family peace and the fire of competition alive in Inver Grove Heights.

Ideas for Commissioner

Everyone has ideas for how to improve the games. This is where you can submit your idea for the commissioner. Note that while all ideas are welcomed, the commissioner always makes the final call.

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Informational Notes

  • This is an adult contest. Not for children.

  • Alcohol is involved. Underage drinking is not permitted.

  • All teams should bring their own beverages.

  • Everyone should bring one dish to share. That dish will be placed at the bar for players to grab and go.

  • The competition should last around 14 hours (about the same as a triathlon). That would mean it is 9AM-11PM at the earliest. It could go longer. All participants can stay at the house we will find you a spot.

  • No Whining. No Pathetic Excuses.

  • If a team elects to opt out of any competition they will not be awarded their participation point. 

  • All game disputes will be reviewed and decided upon by the games commissioner (Will Short). The commissioner will make all game decisions and scoring disputes and his word is final. If Will Short and Jodi Short are involved in a dispute Mack Short will make the decision. His call is final.

  • $20 entry fee for each team. $15 goes to tournament cost. $5 will get you raffle tickets for the 50/50 raffle. You can buy additional raffle tickets for $2 a ticket.

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