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Bar Game


A new bar game in 2021, Shuffleboard involves taking turns sliding weighted pucks down a long, smooth table made of wood. The end of the table is marked with specific areas for scoring indicated by 1's, 2's, and 3's. Furthest pucks scores. 


  • ​How is Shuffleboard Scored?​

    • The person who gets closest to the edge scores (additional points are scored for pucks further on the board than opposing team pucks)

    • If a puck is hanging off the edge, it's called a "hanger" and it is worth 4 points this is only relevant for pucks hanging off the end of the board, not the sides

    • As soon as the puck is just a bit over the line, you score the higher number

    • Championships are first to 15, consolations are first to 11, does not have to be exact, win by two

    • Shuffleboard is a Short Games Challenge so you can receive up to 10 points for your overall team score - 1st place-10pts, 2nd place-8pts, 3rd place-7pts, 4th place-6pts, 5th place-5pts, 6th place-4pts, 7th place-3pts, 8th -place -2pts and any completion of the challenge will get 1 point.

  • Are there any rules about sliding the puck?

    • Yes - your hand cannot pass the line on your side of the board

  • What if there is a dispute in the game?

    • All disputes will be handled by the commissioner, Will Short. He has final say, if he is involved in the game Mack Short will make the call.

    • Please don't mess with the amount of silicone on the board, ask the commissioner if you feel there is something off about the board

Historical Shuffleboard Results


1 - Jodi Short & Will Short

2 - Mack Short & Samantha Short

3 - Vristol Short & Kaitlyn Cudo

4 - Morgan Short & Zach Spychalla

5 - Wade Short & Jessica Short

6 - Zach Zellmer & Carly Downhour

7 - Dani Day & Alex Tate

8 - John Short & Jennifer Short


1 - Chris Short & Bobbie Short

2 - Jake Short & Rachel Short

3 - Will Short & Jodi Short

4 - Catherine & Dominick Burkhardt

5 - John Short & Jennifer Short

6 - Mack Short & Samantha Short

7 - Vristol Short & Jade

8 - Lilliqui Short & Soren

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