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Sport Stadium

What to Bring

$20+ Cash

Please remember to bring $20 for your team. You will get 5 tickets for the 50/50 raffle with your entry. You can also purchase more raffle tickets at $2 per ticket. $15 goes to the upkeep of the games.


Remember to stay hydrated. Please bring your own cooler with plenty of water, electrolytes, and something carbonated for the 24oz and 12oz relay horn slams.

Food Pantry Donation

This year Jodi and Will intend to make a trip to Neighbors Inc on Monday August 1st, following the games. Please bring food pantry items with you if you would like to support this cause. You can learn more here.

Team Uniform

As usual, team uniforms are required. We will get a picture of each of the teams between 8:30-9:00am during check-in. Be prepared to stand in the picture with your partner. There is an award for best team name/uniform.

Potluck Item

Please bring a dish to share. Food will be available inside at the bar for competitors to munch on throughout the day.

Other Essentials



First Aid


Change of Clothes

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