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Each team makes their way around the world as fast as they can making basketball shots at every designated spot.

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One partner throws a frisbee at the can 15 feet away while the other partner attempts to jam the frisbee into or onto the can to score points.

Can Jam.jpg

A classic bean bag toss game. Players must toss bags into the hole of the board.


Each player alternates throwing six darts. The goal is to hit all twenty numbers in consecutive order and then finish with a bullseye as quickly as you can, with 5 minutes as the maximum given time.


Batons are thrown at wooden kubbs as each team goes on a quest to knock down the other team's king.


Where tennis and ping pong collide, pickleball is a paddleball sport played up to 15 in the games.


Players push weighted disks into zones labeled 1, 2 & 3.


8 obstacles of strength and fortitude.


Teams throw axes and knives at a wall of numbered logs to score 1-4 points.


Table Tennis

A classic game with a slight twist - your partner must hit every other shot.

ping pong.jpg

Beer Pong

Is this a fraternity? Maybe. New in 2022, get ready to harness your inner college kid for this classic.

beer pong.jpg

Teams must hammer their nail into the wood to a complete flush. Players alternate turns with their teammate. 


Teams shoot at 12 targets in a timed race for in a game of accuracy and precision.


Cornhole on steroids, ramp shot involved 3 of 4 players in every throw with a goal to land the ball in the net, or catch the ball after it ricochets off the net.


New in 2022, where foursquare meets volleyball.


*Click images to view tutorials and historical results

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