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July 27, 2024



The greatest test of skill and endurance, Short Family Games will occur Saturday July 27, 2024. 17 teams will be invited. First year with a pigtail in the brackets. 6 Yard Games, 4 Bar Games, 4 Challenges, Strength & Fortitude Relay, Minute to Win It Challenge. 

2024 Food Shelf Donation

Please consider bringing a few food items with you when you compete in the 2023 Short Family Games. 

Challenges & Bar Games


Table Tennis


Beer Pong

Axe Throw



Around the World

Yard Games

Can Jam


2v2 Volleyball



Ramp Shot

Strength & Fortitude Relay 


Kubota Push and Pull

Bucket Carry

Rock Throw

Boat Obstacle Course

Log Splitter

Watch Demo of Relay Here

Minute to Win It 

Flip Your Lid

Sharp Shooter

Split the Uprights

Corks and Cups

Stick to It

Scoring System

Yard Games and Relay: 1st - 16 pts, 2nd - 14 pts, 3rd - 12 pts, 4th - 10 pts, 5th - 8 pts, 6th - 7pts, 7th - 6 pts, 8th - 4 pts, and 1 point for all teams that participate.

Challenges and Bar Games: 1st - 12 pts, 2nd - 10 pts, 3rd - 8 pts, 4th - 6 pts, 5th - 4 pts, 6th - 3 pts, 7th - 3 pts, 8th - 2 pts, and any completion of the challenges will get 2 points.

Minute to Win It: Scored individually. However you will do all five in a row. 1st - 4 pts, 2nd - 3 pts, 3rd - 2 pts, 4th - 1 pt and anyone who complete the task will get 1 pt. If you do not complete the task you will receive 0 points. Max you can score in minute to win it is 20 points.

2024 Competitors

Sydnie and Josh Froyd

Catherine and Dominick Burkhardt

Bobbie and Chris Short

Jessica and Wade Short

Rachel and Jake Short

Taylor and Sam Frid

Vristol Short and Partner

Drezden Short and Partner

Quayin and Lilli Short

Shelby and Cortez Arredondo

Jodi and Will Short

Kori P and Zach Spychalla

Morgan Short and Caleb Piper

Mack and Samantha Short

Zach and Carly Zellmer

Joline and Josh Raymond

Jordon Rothers and Megan

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